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"mothers calling home"

yareach nikolay lee noe


the way you used to sat you love me and
"the way you use to sat you love me and the heat of it" 2017 ink on paper 20X25 cm 
"staff room " 2017 ink on  paper 20X25 cm 
i love you and only you.jpg
"i love you and only you (mother) " 2017 ink on paper 20X25 cm 



this collection from 2017 inspired by "mother" a song by an indie band "daughter" which always reminded me of my mother that I left when I was 12.




You will grow all you need to grow inside my spine
And then take what you need to take, what's yours is mine
And then just give all you want of it to some new thing
I'll stay here, the provider of that constant sting they call love
They call love

You will drain all you need to drain out of me
All the colors have washed away, no more rosy sheen
Not just a pale isolated shallow water place
Oh what a place I call myself
I call myself

Oh love all you need to love before it goes
When your face becomes a stranger's I don't know
You will never remember who I was to you
Carried in the womb
I'm called mother
I'm called mother
They're called home
They're called home
They're called
They're called

Give all you need to give
And sometimes they won't take what they need to take
The strangest chemical reaction
Inside of her brain, no she's not the same
No she's not the same
No she's not the same



Written By

Elena Tonra & Igor Haefeli

Mixed By

Nicolas Vernhes


Igor Haefeli

Arranged By

Igor HaefeliRemi Aguilella & Elena Tonra


Elena Tonra


Remi Aguilella

Mastered by

Joe Lambert


David Tolomei

Recorded At

Rare Book Room (Brooklyn, NYC)

Release Date

January 15, 2016

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