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Yareach Nikolay

Yareach Nikolay lee-Noe is an israeli\russia based artist whose work delve into the fear of insanity, sex, death, love, and being loved.  about the shame of losing god and loving men. about the hate of the skin that we are in and the abuse of it, about losing the fight of being perfect or the endless chasing to be & the anger about the way we build our society. lee-Noe is a Curve reality artist Illustrating the inside of humanity  & Presenting the lonely eyes of the human with his damaged aesthetic lee-Noe Makes you go Through the complexity of a human being itself with his anonymous figures, basically, lee-Noe puts a mirror in front of you to see your broken lines with those anonymous figures in Expressionism and Minimalism style it is all about the other side, with his paintings he takes a deep dive into his sight of what would be a surrealist portrait of a bare soul that lurks behind the skin and bones that binds us here. Living and working in  isreal\russia lee-Noe draws endless inspiration from the walking strangers in the city’s, coffee shops, restaurants, etc.. examining up close the human behavior and spits it out through photography & painting
ego death.png
ego death.png
I don't know how to live without my hand on his throat 30X40 cm .jpg
"I don't know how to live without my hand on his throat"
2021 30X35cm acrylic on paper 

give me a reason to be a women 30X40 cm .jpg
I'll haunt the world inside you.jpg
"Give me a reason to be a women"
2021 30X35cm acrylic on paper 

"I'll hunt the world inside you"
2021 30X35cm acrylic on paper 

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